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Naturally Get Rid of Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenail is a condition that is common with the big toe, where the edges of the nail grow into the surrounding flesh or skin, thereby causing inflammations, pains, discomforts and mal-positioning of nails. It is recommended that hygiene should be optimal at such period as an Ingrown toenail can expose the toe to fungal infections.

Let’s look at the major causes of Ingrown Toenail

Looking through the list below will not just help us know the cause of the Ingrown toenail but also help in setting out preventive measures.

  • Cutting nails too short
  • Using very tight footwear
  • Irrational shaping of nails during cut
  • Stubbing of toe against an object accidentally or frequently from sports
  • Anatomical causes such as sweaty toes, thickened nail plates.

It’s time to get rid of the Ingrown Toenail

While extreme cases are to be referred to physicians, there are simple and natural ways, Ingrown Toenails can be treated without visiting the hospital or talking to a physician, especially at the early and mild stage. Very effective Ingrown Toenail natural and DIY (Do it yourself) treatment are presented below.

Epsom Salt: Make a solution from Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate) and warm water and deep the affected foot into it for about 20 minutes. Repeat this for about 3 times daily and there comes the magic of relief while you try pulling out the softened nail with a cotton bud or similar but sterilized object. Do not pull more than the surrounding skin permits.

Apple Cidar Vinegar: Soaking the affected foot for about 25 minutes daily in a foot bowl of warm water mixed with a quarter-cup of Apple Cidar Vinegar will not just take care of the inflammations and pains but server as antiseptic to the affected region.

Castile soap: This can be used in two ways. You can simply wash the affected foot and region with Castile soap twice a day or make a warm soapy water with the soap and just soak the affected foot. Some may prefer to add Epsom salt to the soapy water for very thick nails.

After-treatment precautions

So as not to worsen or prolong the condition, it is recommended to maintain hygiene especially during the period of treatment. Athletes should reduce toe-pressure activities. Ladies should give high-heels a break, and water used for treatment should be clean and not hot, simply warm. Treatment may last for about two weeks.


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