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How To Use Flush Toilet With Seats

As popular as the flush toilet, a lot of persons still use them wrongly. The regular flush toilet is made up of a bowl, cistern, seat and cover or lid. Just make sure you laugh the whole day at yourself if you fall victim of the following.

Opening the toilet
When you are about to use the toilet for urinating (pee), simply open just the cover or lid if you are female while as male, you are to lift the toilet seat before urinating so as not to splash the seat with urine. Every gender is supposed to sit on the toilet seat to defecate (poop) and not directly on the toilet bowl as some may be scared of breaking the seat especially when visiting.

Before Sitting
If you have to sit, then ensure the toilet is neat and sanitized with antiseptic. However, when using a public or shared toilet, it is more hygienic to use a seat cover. This is a disposable piece of paper shaped like the toilet seat itself that can be placed on the seat just before sitting, to avoid direct contact with the seat.

While Sitting
Just remember it is not your couch, so don’t rest your back on the toilet cover or lid. Do not sit on the edge of the seat such that your feces scratch and thereby stain the inner-edge of the toilet bowl as flushing may not completely wipe them.

Once done
To allow women wipe the perineal (The space between the anus and the vulva) area after using the toilet without touching the seat, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials’ Uniform Plumbing Code, section 409.2.2, requires that “all water closet seats, except those within dwelling units or for private use, shall be of the open front type”. However, once done with cleaning up, flush and wait till it is over. Oh yeah! This will make you certain that the toilet was well flushed then cover the toilet or at least drop the seat if you had just urinated as male.

Before Leaving
Dropping the toilet seat when done is beneficial to the ladies as this will protect them falling or sitting on the bowl by mistake. Covering the toilet can also stop pets or kids from falling into the bowl as well as kids and cover the seat from harmful pathogens that may fest on the seat.
On a general note, kindly maintain healthy manner when using the toilet and remember there can be a next user.

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