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Commode Chair for the Elderly – They all Need One

As age draws to conclusion in the existence of humans, daily activities start drifting from being autonomous to being dependent on care-givers. Not all elderly persons want to live that part of their lives in an environment that is setup for the Aged in the society. For some others, their relatives want them to remain in their private property or environment at this stage in life. To these ends, it becomes necessary to tune one’s environment to complement gradual loss of autonomy or reduced mobility for the Elderly person in the house.

In this piece, we will present one of the most important equipment that takes care of reduced mobility, cost, privacy and hygiene. It is called the “Commode Chair”. This is a type of chair used by someone who needs help going to the toilet due to illness, injury, disability or old age. For the elderly, the advantages are significant, as the Commode Chair is built to be attachable to existing toilet or bathroom wares thereby, saving the cost of reconstruction of general renovation. Having your commode chair with you makes adaptation easy when on visitation, the privacy of helping oneself in the restroom is maintained, and the fact that this equipment is optimally hygienic – makes it a gadget for all.

There are different models, designs or architectures of Commode chairs and these differences are seen in their extensive features such as wheels, collapsible arms, adjustable height, back-rest, toilet booster, seat texture, compatibility with hygienic bags and pads, collapsibility, etc.

Although there are different types of Commode chairs, it is important to consider the following before and after acquiring one.

  1. Visit a therapist for recommendations on when to get the Commode Chair and suggest the basic features.
  2. Seek the consent of the person who is to use it. If possible, the choice of design should be made by the elderly person.
  3. Weight – this is crucial especially when the elderly person have to use the Commode chair themselves.
  4. Confirm the height adjustment capability of the chair so as to make sure the seat is not too high that the legs won’t touch the ground or too low that getting up will be a bit difficult.
  5. The chair should be kept in a well-lighted and un-obstructive position. However, do not make access to it a bit far or difficult for the user.
  6. Lastly, get the commode chair from the closest distributor that offers maintenance support if possible.

Getting a commode chair will not just make the elderly person happy and comfortable in their private environment but gives the care-giver a lot of relief as well.

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